"One day I decided I was tired of saggy mommy boobs. I wanted my shirts to fit well and look nice. But, I had NO idea where to turn. I had tried stores for fittings but never got a bra that really fit me - and then I found Shannon on social media.

I can honestly say her help changed my entire outlook on clothing. Now I can wear more form fitting shirts instead of shirts that look like feed sacks!

Her personal attention helped me get the right bra and panties that I needed for my new mommy figure - and now I look forward every day to putting on my bra that FITS! I cannot speak highly enough of Shannon's service. Worth every penny."                                                                                                                                            - Stacy Myers, Humorous Homemaking


Wow, you have studied this art and are a true professional in this field.

My wife was fitted by you about a month ago. I can’t even begin to explain all of the great things that have come from this fitting. There are three really awesome things that do stand out to me, from my perspective of course.

Number one my wife is now completely comfortable and actually supported, not only her chest, also her upper back muscles and her lower back is no longer in pain, that alone blew my mind.

Secondly she looks so beautiful as she always does, yet there is a bit of extra sparkle around her, I can see it and feel it too. This just added to her natural confidence.

The third thing I noticed was synergy In regards to the whole experience. She received so much more than a bra. She got the whole package, confidence, education about how and what a fitted bra can really do for you. Not to mention the cute / fun bras that appeal to her hubby.

I personally thank you for everything you do and I have see such a incredible transformation in my wife! Keep it up, women and men all over will thank you for this service, what a gift you have! :)
— Bryan L.

For any woman out there who has had difficulty finding a bra that truly fits, I highly recommend investing your time in yourself and your health by communicating with Shannon.

I am a large chested woman and though the best I could do for myself was Lane Bryant bras. They measured me at the store, but the fit was never quite right.

I mentioned in a women’s group that “my girls” kept trying to ooze out of my bra when I did push-ups, or they “clapped” when I ran or did rebounding and, while I’m sure they were applauding my efforts, it was uncomfortable and embarrassing. Enter Shannon :) She was very kind, knowledgeable, patient and very dedicated to help me find a bra that worked for my body and my budget.

I can’t tell you how pleased I am and what a difference it makes to finally have a bra that fits correctly for the first time in my life! My back is happy. The “girls” are happy. Win Win!

So, if you’re on the fence about whether to give this a shot, jump over to the Bra Fit Advocate’s side. You are valuable enough to be comfortable. You won’t be sorry!
— Annalisa B.
I am so grateful for Shannon and her time that she spent with me to find a supportive bra that has changed my life! Had no idea that just by having the right fit could bring me so much joy, confidence, and to be completely pain free by the end of my long days with a two year old. This has seriously changed my life and how I reflect my own body.

Shannon knew some of my history of me undergoing back surgery last October 2015 and that I was newly pregnant and would be growing soon and that my upper back would need to be supported. I was telling her that every night I go to sleep begging my husband to massage my upper back due to the stain I experienced everyday.

She took what my concerns were seriously and the next day after I shared my complaints, she massaged me the very next morning that she had already been to a store and had put several bras on hold that were my size and that she would be willing to meet me anytime that day that worked for me!

Not only was I pleased by her concern for me but that she took my pain seriously was more than enough to get me to take it just as seriously as well. She met me at a perfect time for me that Friday afternoon and I had an amazing experience that I truly will never forget!

It was a real “Aha-moment!” that taught me so much. Something I learned was most retail store size wrong in order to sell the sizes they carry. I had recently been to a store and got sized and bought two bras that were 5 sizes smaller than my true fit!

When I put on my new bra the feeling of relief and pure joy of finally for the first time being supported and my breasts where I always wanted them made me feel like a new women!

She also found my bra at a discount which I really appreciated since I had just spent a bundle on two bras just weeks earlier that are now retired and soon to be in the trash.

Because I will never be returning to the wrong ignorant fit bras again! I have been raving about my experience that I had with Shannon to all my lady family members and friends!

I have been pain free ever since and I truly feel as if I have got my life back in some sort of way. I am so thankful and feel blessed to have had this eye opening experience and plan on doing business with her again here soon!

Shannon has a real gift with making her clients feel comfortable, educated, and respected.

Taking the time to find the best fit was the greatest gift I ever gave to myself and forever changed my outlook on bra shopping! Thank you Shannon :)
— Shannon L.

I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Shannon at The Bra Fit Advocate. I have always had trouble bra shopping, so much so that I would end up in tears in the change room. I had no idea what I was doing and the “experts” in the store didn’t either. At first it took a while to get the right fit, but it was completely worth the wait and I learned so much along the way that I feel confident in my own abilities to shop for a bra. Also, I have some pain issues which makes it harder to wear most bras. Shannon dealt with all my issues and concerns with a sweet spirit and was determined to help me. I would recommend anyone to use her services.
— Sarah L.
Shannon is amazing. For the first time in my life I have bras that fit and are comfortable. Bonus is that they actually make me look good.

I didn’t realize just how much I was limited until I learned about proper fitting undergarments. Being a big, odd size made it challenging, but with Shannon’s help I got ones that fit, that look good and improve my quality of life. Thanks for your help Shannon. 😄
— Jennifer S.

It was amazing to work with Shannon. Our trip to the mall was life changing. I am not being overly dramatic. It was truly a life-altering experience for me.

Many years ago, I went to the store and was fitted for a bra. I was told that I wore a size 36B. When the bra didn’t fit quite right, I never questioned the woman fitting me. I assumed that she knew what she was doing and that there must be something wrong with my body if it didn’t fit into the “right size” bra.

I spent years buying bras that didn’t fit right and some of them were downright painful. It was embarrassing to ask for help. After a while, you’re just too old not to know your bra size. So, I continued to fit myself the best that I could on my own.

As I gained weight, I went up in band size and began wearing a 38B. The bras still didn’t fit right, but I had no idea why.

A friend introduced me to Shannon. I explained my frustration and she kindly offered to help me. She took several measurements and accompanied me to the store to try on bras.

Shannon explained that many fitters lack proper training or push you into an expensive bra that doesn’t actually fit you. Sure enough, the young saleswoman took a single measurement and oohed and aahed over the first bra that I tried on.

Shannon knew better. She patiently brought in several different sizes and styles, explained how to put them on correctly, and how to check for a proper fit. It took a while, but we finally found the right size.

In the end, I left the store with a few 34Gs and a 34H. That was a far cry from the 34DD that the saleswoman tried to sell me for $80 or the 38B that I wore into the store.

It was disappointing to put my old bra back on after feeling such a huge difference with the new size. It took a little while to adjust to the new bras, but now they feel like a natural extension of my body.

I am so grateful for the work that Shannon does. She took her time to perform the correct measurements and to educate me as we went along. I never could have imagined how finding the right bra size could change my self-image.

I finally feel comfortable in my own skin. I learned that there is nothing wrong with me – I just needed help finding the right size for my body. I am full-busted and that is nothing to be ashamed of.
— Angela M.

So I met Shannon back in 2016! And she actually approached me about my bust. We started talking about finding the perfect bras for my bust, and I was supper insecure about my boobs and how they looked in the bras I was wearing.

So we did some measurements and started our search! We did go through a few different bras, some too small, big, shaped certain ways that I didn’t like. I had been wearing DDD and around 38.

I couldn’t ever find something to fit me around but have the big bust. Anyways, so I find out I’m actually a 32 HH, who would have known?

Since Shannon helped me with finding the perfect bras, I have felt better about my bust and how they fit so good in the new bras! And we did this all online!!

I just want to thank you again Shannon for helping me with this and making me feel happier and sexier about myself!
— Kacy H.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Shannon to finally find a bra that really fits AND looks great! I never thought that was possible. She worked with me until she found three beautiful bras that made me feel 15 years younger (before the effects of having 5 babies).

The entire process was so easy - no fitting rooms or sales people. I highly recommend her services! Her knowledge and expertise is worth every penny.
— Diane S.

Bra shopping has never been fun. It’s been a dreaded chore that has always ended in frustration and disappointment. Even my husband knew when bra shopping was on the agenda that it would end badly..

BUT shopping with Shannon has completely changed my bra shopping experience! I actually had fun! I learned so much and finally know my correct bra size.

Shannon is easy and fun to work with. When she suggested one particular bra that was out of my price range, I felt comfortable being honest with her about it.

Her fee is well worth it! She worked hard at helping me out! Thank you Shannon for a great experience!
— Kristine S.

I highly recommend this service! Shannon went shopping with my daughter and I and it was both helpful and eye opening. I had no idea how bra sizing is actually supposed to work, and have apparently been wearing the wrong bras for years!

The experience was great. Shannon did a fantastic job at making both me, and my teenage daughter feel comfortable. She knows about lots of different brands and fits, and when we were done, we both had new, lovely, and supportive bras.

No more boob overflow or poking wires!
— Cheryl D.

I highly recommend Shannon Ellis to help you buy your next bra!! I learned so much through out the whole process, from measuring correctly, to the washing and care of your bra. I gave her a run for her money, as it took a while to find the perfect fit, but she is so patient and encouraging!! It was great working with her!!
— Patricia H.

Shannon was awesome to work with! Professional, timely and oh-so-helpful! I came with what I felt was a tall order (specific, picky, and nursing friendly) and came away with not one, not two, but FOUR amazing nursing bras. I am only sad that the bra shopping is done...for now! ;) She is WELL worth the fee she is charging. She put lots of hours into helping me and I am grateful! <3
— Keslie S.

Underwear shopping is for the most part a private activity. But Shannon was so helpful in finding a good fit that is comfortable. She made an otherwise awkward process a pleasure. She provided links to the right bra and panty that I would never have known about or even considered! Thank you, Shannon. Best to you!
— Barbara A.

Shannon is wonderful! She definitely has a calling for helping women. I had no idea what to expect when I first decided to contact her, but I am so pleased with the end results! I finally have bras that fit AND they didn’t break the budget! She is super patient in making sure that you find a bra that fits you correctly. I am so happy that I decided to use her services!
— Heather P.

Shannon helped me find just the right size after my 50 pound weight loss. I don’t believe I have ever been “properly fitted” in my life. I’m amazed that she was able to help me even though we never met in person. I have no hesitation in recommending her! Thank you!
— Corrine S.

Shannon has taught me so much about bras over the past few months! I have gained a new confidence in choosing what is a good fit for me. She made me feel so comfortable even though I was really nervous when I began this process.

She is so knowledgeable and encouraging and really helpful. She stuck with me until we found the best bra for my body type. It has even carried over into other areas of my life..like wanting to choose more flattering clothes and a nightie for bedtime.

I am so thankful for your help, Shannon! This service is worth every penny.
— Nancy M.

Shannon took me on a much needed bra fit excursion, it was a great experience and I ended up with a much better selection and better fitting bras.
— Bonnie L.